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Steampunk Prague is located right in the center where all the action happens. You never know what to expect when you arrive.... in a good way. They take their parties to another level, with well though-out themes that are perfectly executed. Steampunk is not just a club but an experience that you will always remember. The party starts here from begging of the night till the end. This is one of the only clubs on the list that has a kitchen with great choices of food. Homemade burgers, fresh salads, pasta, steaks and more are all available till the early morning hours. 


Steampunk is open 7 days a week to at least 5 am and you can always expect a good party. On the weekends it is open till 7 in the morning, which makes it the last closing club on the best club list. 

Check out their Facebook (which they take great pride in) to find what events they have in the week. 

See you there! 

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