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Here you will find the best shisha / hookah lounges in prague.

we have tried and tasted various shisha places and come up with the list!

How did we create the list of the best shisha lounges  in Prague for 2024?

Shisha....Hookah.... Water Pipe.... whatever you may call it. It is absolutely delicious when you get a perfect flow of flavors. The issue is, that a lot of time this just does not happen. Maybe the tobacco is burnt, maybe there is too much water or not enough water and so on. Unfortunately there are many places in Prague that look at Shisha as a high margin item and do not really care about the quality. No fear, we did all the homework for you. It took us about 3 months but we visited just about every Shisha / Hookah place in this beautiful city.

Shisha List


Did you know Moon Club has Shisha? Some of the best Shisha actually! Moon is located right in the center of Prague and has an extraordinary view of the night sky through its glass roof. Not only great cocktails and a good party..... but a delicious well made Shisha as well. 

302478617_10161019910064587_9058139938694248001_n (1).jpg


KU has recently started offering Shisha. We had to head out and give it a try! It was delicious and also the custom made pipes were extremely cool!

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We are not sure what you would call us. Party Enthusiasts? Drinkaholics? Partyaholics? We are people that like to go out to have a good time. We want the same for you and that is why we created the list of the best clubs in Prague.


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