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Partying in Prague on a Friday Night

You would think that the options for a Friday night party would be endless but this is not the case. When you hit the streets in Prague at night, the city seems more alive than during the day, yet a lot of clubs are still empty or have horrible parties.

So where do you go to party on a Friday Night?

Yes it is true that just about every club on the list has a good party happening on Friday but there are some that you just absolutely have to stop by. If you are looking to do a little club hopping to get the most of the Prague’s Nightlife then there are a couple clubs that are very close to each other (maybe 3 minute walking distance from each other)

These clubs are all in a very close area so you can check them out all at once. Don’t ruin your Friday night by going to a bad party. Most clubs have their program on their website so you can check out what is happening. Do not be scared if their events are not listed, as it is not a standard in Prague.

Out of the clubs listed in this article, One Club is the largest and usually has the best DJ Line Up. Most clubs usually have around two DJs max for the night, whereas One Club has 5+.

If you are celebrating a Hen Party or Stag Party, there are also many special packages for groups of any size.


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