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Party in Prague on Sunday

So it's a Sunday and you are thinking about going out. Obviously you shouldn't expect much. Noone goes out on Sunday right? WRONG

Prague's nightlife lives every single day, including Sunday. This is why partying in Prague is the best!

Now, not all clubs are open or have an event going on. We can bore you with listing various places to go, and then you can be mad at us when it is not up to your expectations.

There is ONE place in Prague that is always full on every single SUNDAY. It is the best place to party on a Sunday without a shadow of a doubt. Check out some of these stories......

Prettty crazy right?

Most Sundays..... you are going to find a line outside of people trying to get in, so it may feel weird on a Sunday, but make a reservation.

M1 Lounge is our tip

M1 does it again..... The best place to party on a Sunday....

For all the information you might need, you should head over to their website


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