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Is Prague The Best Stag Do Destination?

If you're looking for a smashing spot to have an unforgettable Prague stag do, Prague is the place for you, chaps. Often referred to as the heart of Europe, Prague offers a splendid history, jaw-dropping sightseeing, and medieval astronomical clocks. However, the city is more than just a lovey-dovey destination for couples. In this article, we shall provide five reasons why a stag do in Prague is a jolly good idea.

5 Reasons Why Prague is the Best Destination For a Stag Do

1) A breeze to get to

Prague is centrally located in Europe and is a piece of cake to access by plane, train, or car. You can fly to Prague from major cities like London, Berlin, Paris, and Copenhagen, and the flights are quite short. You can also drive to Prague or take a train and book an entire carriage for your Prague stag group. While there are bus options, they may not be as cushy. When booking your tickets, ensure you check out RegioJet for trains and buses or FlixBus for buses only. Skyscanner is also a top-notch tool to use when searching for flights.

2) Getting around Prague

Prague is easy-peasy to navigate, even if you have a dodgy sense of direction. You can stroll to most places in the central areas or rely on public transportation like buses, trams, and the metro to explore further. The public transportation is reasonably priced, with a 90-minute ticket costing under 2 quid. If you're out late, apps like Uber, Bolt, or Liftago are brilliant options to get around safely and at a reasonable price.

3) Grub and tipples

Prague has oodles of bars, pubs, and restaurants that cater to all tastes. Breweries are a specialty in Prague, and Czech beer is a must-try for anyone visiting the city for a stag do in Prague. Prices for beer are incredibly affordable, and a pint can cost as little as 2-3 quid. Czechs also enjoy their wine, and the Moravia region is known for producing superb wine. If you want to try something stronger, Slivovice, a fruit spirit, is a popular bevvy among the Prague stag crowd. Czech cuisine is very scrummy, with plenty of meat, dumplings, and thick sauces. If you're a health nut or gym bunny, you may want to let your hair down and treat yourself in Prague and relish your cheat day weekend.

4) Safety

Prague is one of the safest countries in Europe, and the city is an excellent place to have a whale of a time during your Prague stag do without worrying about safety. However, as with any city, pickpockets can be found in crowded places, so keep an eye on your bits and bobs.

5) Activities

Prague offers a wide range of activities that can make your stag do in Prague a rip-roaring experience. From having your soon-to-be-married mate cuffed to a dwarf to hiring a private stripper or dining on a Prague river cruise, the city has something for everyone. You can plan your itinerary or get in touch with a local tour operator for more options.

In conclusion, Prague is a cracking destination for a stag do in Prague. With easy accessibility, affordable nosh and tipples, and a range of activities, Prague is sure to offer a blinding time for you and your Prague stag group.

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