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Best Thursday Party in Prague in 2023

We have recently been publishing many articles on the different party days in Prague. The feedback has been outstanding! Thursday is a day that we have not discussed yet. We have many clubs on the Best Clubs Prague list, with just about every one of them having a special party on Thursday.

So where should you go to party on a Thursday in Prague?

After visiting most of the clubs, there were a couple that stood out the most on the Thursday. One Club Prague, Duplex, and Epic Prague.

In order to make the best decision, we went multiple weeks in a row to make sure we get the full experience. It would be bad to crown someone as having the best Thursday parties in Prague without visiting multiple times right?

Final Verdict: EPIC PRAGUE

Our winner is Epic Prague! Epic has the most modern visual and audio system possible. No wonder everyone calls Epic the most modern club in Prague.

The place to go on a Thursday night in Prague.


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