Where should you go to party on a Wednesday in Prague?

Best party in Prague on Wednesday

Yes it is true that Prague has a very vibrant nightlife with events almost every single day. There is plenty of fun to have every single day of the week. This however does not mean that EVERY SINGLE club is full. Most clubs are not even open on Wednesday or are open with some kind of restriction. Over the years, Wednesday in general has been one of the weaker days of the week so we want to make sure that you make the right decision in Prague’s nightlife.

Best Club to visit on Wednesday in Prague

There is one spot that seems to ALWAYS be full and that is also our tip for WEDNESDAYS. That spot is…. M1 Lounge www.m1lounge.com (which is basically full every single day)

The video above is just a little preview and simply cannot describe the atmosphere of the party at M1 Lounge. Beautiful people and great music.

M1 Lounge is OUR PICK for the BEST CLUB & PARTY on a WEDNESDAY night in Prague.

m1 lounge Wednesday party