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Where should you spend your Prague NYE 2023/2024?

New Year's Eve is one of the most important nights of the year as far as partying is concerned. Why? For one, just about any place that has some lights and a sound system is going to hold a party and sell out. Most of these places to be honest will have a super poopy party (yes we just wrote poopy). 

We have already given you the best clubs in Prague and now it is time to let you know where to go on New Year's Eve (NYE)! While just about anyone on our list has a great party for NYE there are some particular places that have ALWAYS been a stand out the last few years. We will get to that!

As the year winds down, Prague, a city renowned for hosting some of the best clubs, becomes the ultimate destination to celebrate New Year's Eve. Known for its enchanting Old Town Square and vibrant nightlife, Prague is where the magic of the season and the thrill of partying on NYE come together in a spectacular winter wonderland.

Fireworks? What Fireworks?

Officially, fireworks are a no-go in Prague 1, but let's just say that when midnight strikes, the sky tells a different story. Expect a not-so-secret display of dazzling colors, lighting up the city in open rebellion against the rules.

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Don't worry, Prague is super safe. Noone will steal any of your things.... THAT IS A JOKE. WATCH YOUR STUFF. Do not put any expensive belongings in the clocak room of any club! Keep your valuables close.​

Your NYE Clubbing Destinations

Special 20 euro cheaper One Club Prague - HOLLYWOOD NYE NIGHT ticket here!!!

M1 Lounge: For the best R&B and Hip-Hop tunes, M1 Lounge is your place. Limited Capacity..... I would hurry if I were you!

One Club Prague: Dance your way into the new year with high-energy beats at One Club Prague. Multiple Stages, different styles of music.

PopUp Bar: For classy vibes and unforgettable cocktails, head to PopUp Bar. Located at the bottom of Wenceslas Square.... right in the center!!! WINNER OF BEST BAR IN PRAGUE!

Where should i eat before?

In order to drink and party properly you have to have a good bite to eat before. We picked out two places for you in the center that are fulfilling enough to keep you going till the early morning. 

Bohemia Goose is voted as the #1 Czech Restaurant with amazing dishes. For NYE they prepared a all you can eat buffet of various Czech dishes which sounds just..... well....... crazy. Our team loves this place, the food is really delicious. Check them out here

A restaurant located right next to One Club Prague is Ribs of Prague. These guys have by far the best Ribs in the entire city. They import them from Spain because it is hard to find Ribs that are not like toothpicks in Prague. BIG RECOMMENDATION to eat there. Check them out here

Prague's New Year's Eve is not just an occasion; it's an experience woven into the fabric of the city. The blend of vibrant energy, delicious flavors, and the pulsating atmosphere of its best clubs make Prague the ultimate destination for an NYE celebration that you'll cherish forever.


Most importantly.... ENJOY YOUR NIGHT! 

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