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The most luxurious club in Prague?

We have to tell you about this new club that has recently opened up. This club has taken the word luxury to a completely different level.

What you will find is high-quality Shisha, Signature Cocktails, and some delicious Sushi. In our opinion, there is not another club in Prague where you will have such a luxurious feeling.

Oh..... an added bonus! They have karaoke nights!

Welcome to De Luxe club | karaoke | lounge

Check out this photo.

NOW Check out this video!

DeLuxe is our favorite club to go to if you wanna enjoy a quality Shisha and some great cocktails (they have plenty to choose from)

The Sushi is great, even better than some actual Sushi restaurants in Prague (it is not that easy to find very good Sushi that is not completely overpriced)

If you are looking for something more than just a party, definitely check out DeLuxe

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