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Monday Party...What?

YES, you did read that title correctly. Monday is actually a party night in Prague, no joke. Even though, many prague clubs are open 7 days a week, this night is actually better than many other. Lets run through why and where and what.

The first party that started the Monday trend is the legendary Mad Mad Monday party has been around for 5+ years. It started in M1 Lounge and has moved to Ku Bar & Lounge. It is absolutely legendary…. absolutely insane, absolutely surprising. We remember when it was first launched, people were like “wait….what?” No one believe that it would turn into such a craze, and last so long. To this day, every Monday, all party goers know they can visit Ku Bar & Lounge and be part of Mad Mad Monday.

Another club that is on our best clubs list is Chapeau Rouge. Many Prague visitors know or have heard of Chapeau Rouge. Not your usual club, with not much focus on design or customer service. Do NOT take that as a bad thing…. as plainly just provides something else. An amazing party in a very interesting atmopshere. Multiple underground floors, different styles of music, all types of people. On Mondays, the company Make a Difference has a thematic party every week. It is full, it is exciting, it is a Monday.

Plenty of clubs are open on a Monday but we feel that these two are the best clubs to visit on a Monday in Prague.
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