about Loca Bar


Loca Bar & Lounge is located right on Vltava river across Karlovy Lazne. On a beautiful summery day you can sit near their French style windows and enjoy the view of the city. Loca opens up early on in the day, earlier than almost all clubs on the list, and serves as a relaxing lounge. Their barman are very well trained and serve up scrumptious drinks. If you are looking for a place on the best clubs list that has great shisha, Loca is the place.  Loca serve its own Shisha instead of outsourcing it like most clubs in Prague. That means that there is much more care for the quality and taste. 

Partying at Loca

Even though Loca seems like it is more of a bar or lounge, it can get pretty wild at night. If you stop by at 1am on a Friday night, you will be walking into a real party with some of the best DJs. Their resident DJs are Redbull Music Style competition winners, therefore there is a guarantee the music will be on fire.