Life Club & Lounge is one of the new places that has opened recently. The popularity of hookah places has been on the rise to the mount of a new place opening every other week. The design and vibe of the place is very friendly. Multiple colors, modern style seating, minimalistic, we just love it.

Shisha tastes great. They have their own in house team that makes the Shisha. It is important to emphesize this because many places are "fake shisha places" because they have a third party come and do their Shisha. To control the quality and taste of the shisha, you need to have a solid team.


YES! Life has as private karaoke room where you can sing horribly with your friends and no one will even know! Not only that but there is also a smaller club downstairs which makes for a great party with a good atmosphere.

You can check out their Facebook here

For reservations you can contact them directly at 00420 606 889 088