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ABOUT Karlovy Lazne

If you are visiting Prague then you have probably heard of Karlovy Lazne. One of the most known clubs in Prague, and Central Europe, and for good reason. We have visited this club for four weekends in a row to make sure they deserve to get a spot on our list. 

Biggest Club in Central Europe

Another reason we had to visit so many times is that there is just so much to see. Let's break down how Karlovy Lazne is laid out. 

Floor 1 - Radio Hits

If it is a top son on the Radio, then this is where you are gonna hear it. Here you can dance to songs that are familiar to you. 

Floor 2 - Dance Music

Here you can dance the night away with music that will make your hips move. 

Floor 3 - Oldies

Self-explanatory, this is where you will hear your Freddy Mercury, Abba, and more. 

Floor 4 - Hip-Hop & RnB

Oh yes baby, the favorite floor of our team. Best RnB hits all night long on this floor. 

Floor 5 - Chill Out

On this floor, you can relax a bit. Been dancing too much? This is where you can chillllll.

Karlovy Lazne is opened every single day from 21:00 (9pm) till 5 in the morning. You can find out more information on their website also here

They also have an Ice Pub.

Yes, you read that correctly. They also have an Ice Pub in the same building. What does that even mean exactly? An Ice Pub is a bar made entirely of Ice (surprising right). We are not sure that you can actually imagine what that means. It is not decoration, it is not just slightly in ice, not is not a little cold. It is COMPLETELY in ICE and it is COLD. When you arrive you have to put special clothes that they have ready for you for you to be able to even walk in there. Sounds AWESOME right? It is. 

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