Duplex a member of the World's Finest Clubs is located right in the center on Wenceslas Street. I guess in a way its more on TOP of the street. Upon arrival, you will step into an elevator and be taken to the roof. Here, you can enjoy a nice meal with an outstanding view of the entire city. Here you will find an international kitchen ranging from summer sandwiches to steak and pasta. Ok enough about the food, lets move to the nightlife!

Duplex has been around for a long time with its highs and lows. Recently, the entire team has changed and so has their entire strategy. Oh boy did it change! It is a completely different Duplex, unrecognizable from its previous counterpart.

Lets start with the DJs that have performed here recently.

Paul Oakenfold

Holy Goof


Benny Benassi


Bob Sinclair

Martin Solveig


Salvatore Ganacci


and we are sure we forgot a couple.