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DeLuxe Lounge is a brand new karaoke & shisha club that has opened in Prague. 

Right in the center of Prague, you will find one of the newest clubs in our best clubs in Prague list. DeLuxe Lounge is a smaller and exclusive club/bar with some of the best Shisha (we tested it!) and Karaoke system in the city. As you will see in the pictures below they also have a little bit of food :-) By a little bit, we mean some ridiculously good Sushi. 

It is not a super large club and that is another reason why it has such a great luxury feel. The staff was very attentive (without knowing that we work for bestclubsprague) and kindly explained all the drinks to us as well as the multiple shisha flavors. 

Overall, the club definitely lives up to its name. DeLuxe.

You can also check out their website here


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