Clock tower bar crawl

About the crawl

We have chosen Clock Tower Pub Crawl as our recommended crawl for various reasons.

Instead of us writing a whole A4 article about the crawl, lets do it in a FAQ format for the most important questions.

Do you need a reservation?

You do not need a reservation because the crawl meets at the same exact spot every single night. The meeting point is at the clock tower at exactly 20:30. Yes the clock tower where everyone stands to watch what happens at the end of the hour, only to see basically nothing. Anyway, at that clock tower at 20:30 the crawl's team will be waiting for you in their green hoodies. If you buy a ticket ahead of time, you can meet up with them directly at their bar for the all inclusive drinking. We suggest to buy a ticket ahead of time in order to not stress out about the time.

What bars / clubs do you get to visit?

Now this is what we love about Clock Tower Crawl. Instead of having a standard route which on certain days of the week could end up in empty clubs, they take you to the hottest parties of that day. This means that regardless of what day it is... even Sunday or Monday, you will still have a good time. There is a special party in Prague every single night.

How long have they been doing crawls?

Over 8 years! How crazy is that! Every ..... single...... day.....

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